Introducing The R.E.A.L Program 

Raising Exemplary African Ladies making Value based Choices for home and nation building 
This pertinent program is brought to you by Genuine Womanhood Initiative Pathway to Nation Building(GWI), a Social Reform group using Etiquette,  Character Modification and Femininity as pathways to establishing True Humanity. 

We are committed to raising Intuitive Leaders that shall transform their families, friends, colleagues and communities. You can only give what you have! This is why GWI has put together this timely program for today’s woman. The world is calling for Intuitive leaders to rise up and change the society. Intuition is a unique gift bestowed on Womanhood by her Creator. A gift can only become useful when you use it effectively.  But how can you use what you don’t even know exists? 

Women are natural born leaders! Does this shock you? For so long, we have lived as victims not realising the power that we carry within us. Again, how can you exercise this power when you do not know that it exists?

The future of the people lies in the hands of woman. The change we want to see in our world today must start from women understanding the true concept of womanhood and recognising their role in this much needed transformational journey.

If you are that woman who senses that there’s more to her life right now; then sign up to The R.E.A.L Program. If you are that woman who longs to make an impact but not quite sure what to do; then sign up to The R.E.A.L Program. If you are that woman who believes there’s greatness within her but needs a little guidance to bring forth this greatness: then sign up to The R.E.A.L Program. 

The R.E.A.L Program is certainly not an intellectual exercise. It’s a transformational program that addresses the real you that has been slumbering for a long time. The real you must awake and take dominion over your body and express its authentic self.

To sign up for The R.E.A.L Program,  you need to pay a registration fee of just N2000 and send a confirmation to these WhatsApp numbers: 08066038421 or 09031778441. Once this is received,  you shall be added to the Training platform. 

The bank details are: FCMB : 5396317016 Genuine Womanhood Initiative Pathway to Nation Building 

The R.E.A.L Program is starting on Sunday 12th September at 5pm for 8weeks (Every Sunday). Once this training commences, the door shall be closed to anyone who did not register before this day. Like I mentioned earlier, it is not an intellectual exercise that you can catch up with later. You need to be present from the beginning to the end to gain what you need to climb to the next level of your experiencing. Please do not waste time in signing up.

At the end of the 8weeks program, you shall receive the following:* E-Certificate of Participation and GWI Ambassador Award * E-copy of my latest book, Embracing Your Authentic Self * Connection to other powerful women to build friendships and other collaborations.

The GWI Ambassador Award entitles you to participate and speak at our outreach programs, which gives you exposure and recognition. It also gives you a free ticket to our End of Year Get-together. I hope to see you on 12th September, 2021 at 5pm. Please tell a friend to tell a friend. Thank you. 
Best regards, 

Lady Jane Ndukwe Founder, Genuine Womanhood Initiative

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