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ETIQUETTE MATTERS is a definitive guide to conduct in home, dining, business, society and public speaking for today’s African woman. It addresses the African woman because it is peculiar to her needs, culture and shows how to improvise when basic amenities are in short supply. Does this book only benefit women? In the words of Dr. Abubakar Aliyu of the Nigerian Navy, “Etiquette Matters is a must read for all people, not just ladies.”

Having said this, what is this book promising readers? Drawing from various reviews:

Etiquette Matters makes a timely entry to help restore some balance to a distorted value system. The simple style of writing makes for easy reading and brings practical examples on etiquette to the doorsteps of the reader. The book covers a wide variety of topics ranging from: embracing culture and beauty, etiquette at home, work, social gatherings and traveling, to the power of communications in public speaking. I am not surprised it targets the woman who is a natural custodian of beauty and the refining arm of human society.”…Professor Florence O. Nduka, University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

“A timely reminder and a wakeup call for us all. Good conduct, manners, communication and the rest of the truth in the book will open great doors for the practitioner, especially in our world where there is a dearth of values.”… Mrs. Stella S. Ogar, CEO, Society for Life Support and Advancement (SOLSA) Celebrate Nigeria.

Etiquette Matters is a fine blend of the African and Western Culture, finally addressing the erroneous concept that both cultures do not mix.”…Chimdindu Gee-Akwada, Author, Echoes

“This book could not have come at a better time than now when the nation, society and the entire world is eagerly searching for ladies of substance that will help in transforming it. Etiquette Matters is a viable tool towards actualizing the girl child training. I pray that the whole world would be transformed by the power and grace that is embedded in Jane’s book, Etiquette Matters. The book should form part of a lady’s gift set.”…Dr. Amaka Aniuha-Nwagha (JP)

Etiquette Matters is about being real and civil and not about having airs or feeling superior to others. It’s about loving humanity enough to show respect and consideration to all. Understanding who we are as women, then as Africans and consciously preserving wholesome values, will promote personal development, peaceful coexistence and nation building.

I now welcome you to Etiquette Matters and hope it awakens something beautiful in you and acts as a reminder to those useful tips often omitted.

Warmest regards

Jane Ndukwe

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