Greetings everyone,
As we gradually approach December, Genuine Womanhood Initiative (GWI) is deeply moved to spread love to some families.
We want to give food bags to some indigent families. No one should go hungry this Christmas. There’s joy in sharing and caring.
With your help we can achieve this lofty goal. Please spare a little money or food to feed the less privileged. 

“We don’t need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the needy, the poor and the hungry. We need to have a heart.”…Kevin Dcruz

We are counting on your kind support. As you give, may the good Lord reward you bountifully, Amen!


ACCOUNT NO. 5396317016

NAME: Genuine Womanhood Initiative Pathway to Nation Building

Thank you and God bless.
Best regards, Lady Jane Ndukwe Director, Genuine Womanhood Initiative