Our thoughts create forms that outlive our physical bodies. Every form created links up with similar thought forms and gathers strength. These thought forms anchor themselves in people with similar inclinations to give them the push to carry out these thoughts. If the thoughts are good and noble, people with similar inclinations will act out good and noble deeds. But if the thoughts are dirty, bad or evil; people with similar inclinations will act out dirty, bad or evil deeds. Every thought form is linked to its originator who will reap the consequences of the actions these thoughts generate. Thoughts, even though produced in secret, are therefore, not free.
The theme for 2021 International Women’s Day is “CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE!”
Today, I choose to challenge my thoughts. I choose to use my thoughts to influence good deeds that will change my environment and nation. The change we want to see in our world must start with women consciously bringing this change about. Therefore, our choice to generate good and noble thoughts today and always, shall influence other women, men and children to do what is right in their various spheres of influence.
Part of thinking good thoughts will be: never to curse, envy, wish people bad, cause strife, think poorly of people, or entertain vile sexual fantasies. Such ugly thoughts encourage ugly behaviours in our nation and beyond.
Today, I call on fellow women to join me in this “NOBLE THOUGHT CHALLENGE.” You don’t need money, not even an education or social status to join this challenge. All you need is the firm resolve to think good thoughts… thoughts of peace, good conduct and progress, on daily basis. These thoughts shall become our prayer, which Creation shall record for every one of us.โœ… However, you must not force good thoughts. Prayerfully ask for help and when next you’re tempted to think something bad, call yourself to order. As you consciously do this,  you will gradually begin to change your thoughts. In addition, reading the Word of Truth daily and reflecting on what you read, shall help you generate good thoughts.โœ…
If you are this woman who wants to utilize the power of thoughts to change her environment; then, write your name in the comment box. Your resolve today is a promise you make to yourself and your Creator.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ
Happy International Women’s Day!๐ŸŒน
Much love,Lady Jane Ndukweโค๏ธ