I am a living example of one who never knew who she was. This caused me to make choices that took me down paths I never imagined possible.
* After ten years of living and studying in England, I made a choice that denied me a British residency.

* I entered into shallow relationships where I was physically and psychologically abused.

* I disregarded my gifts of writing, public speaking, acting and hosting events because I never saw them as gifts and therefore did not attach value to them.

* I walked out on a great job in London that brought me before dignitaries including the late Queen mother of England.
All these choices were made in my early 20s. Many years down the road from then, I found myself living below the standards I was raised. I lived a life that led me down the slippery slope of poverty, more abuse and near suicide.
They say life begins at forty and this holds true for me. That was when I began my journey to self discovery that commenced my healing.
Today, I speak about the need to know who you are and make choices that align with who you are. This burning desire to save a life from towing the painful path I took, birthed the R.E.A.L PROGRAM. This self awareness program will take participants through self identification, the significance of choice, attitudes and the feminine power.
What you shall receive with the R.E.A.L PROGRAM, is first hand knowledge from the unique school of Life. The teachings are real, tried and tested.
Some of you may ask; why charge for this program? Why not give it away free like I have always done with many of my programs? I considered this and the thought that struck me during my quiet time was; I paid the ultimate price for the knowledge I possess today and worth must be attached to it for it to be valued. So, the token you are paying for the R.E.A.L PROGRAM, shall be the best little sum of money you’ll ever part with.
* So, if you want to activate your power to make choices that align with who you are and protect yourself from abuse; then, register for the R.E.A.L PROGRAM.* If you want to attract the right man for you, who will value and appreciate you; then, register for the R.E.A.L PROGRAM.* If you want to follow a career path that is best suited to your strengths and values; then, register for the R.E.A.L PROGRAM.
The R.E.A.L PROGRAM is truly life transforming. Make this choice today by hitting the registration link below:

Thank you.
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Lady Jane Ndukwe Founder, Genuine Womanhood Initiative Pathway to Nation Building