I saw the rising of a new Nigeria when youths, mothers, fathers, Christians, Muslims, young and old cried out in one voice: End SARS! End POLICE BRUTALITY!
I was filled with strength, joy and hope of witnessing a new Nigeria where true humanity will arise restoring dignity to life. 

As I basked in this hope, the unusual happened; prison breaks in Benin and Yaba.What could this mean, I wondered!Then the unthinkable happened; the killing of our youths at Lekki toll gate by soulless people. 

What would possess a man to shoot a person without arms?What would possess a man to take the life of someone calling out for positive change?What would possess a man to spill blood in a peaceful protest for equity and justice? 

I stared at the blood stained flag and froze.My heart wept and words failed me.My fingers became numb at what to write.
At midnight, I arose forcefully to the shout, DADDY!The dog wailed in grief.What could have happened? Who cried out with his last breath?Could this have been the cry of our youths, our children, our future leaders?
Today, I call out to all women; mothers and yet to be mothers. Let us use the strongest weapon we have to put an end to these atrocities!Let us use our weapon of prayers! When women pray with one voice and cry from the depths of their hearts; Creation listens.

I still believe that one day, Nigeria will truly be free; free from the shackles of oppression and intimidation!I believe that one day, Spring shall arise and Nigeria will experience new birth!The flowers in our heart shall blossom and bring forth exquisite colours! The rich fragrances, will at last perfume this nation!

Even as we cry right now; let us not lose hope!Let us comfort one another.Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters; be consoled!A time of reckoning is fast approaching.May all the youths who lost their lives in the pursuit of a new Nigeria, receive Light and Love as they journey home, Amen!🙏🏽🙏🏽

Lady Jane Ndukwe Founder, Genuine Womanhood Initiative

21 October 2020