Raising Exemplary African Ladies

“Women are a treasure to human society. Training a woman is a conscious effort that requires dedication.”…Sr. Prof. Mary Sylvia Nwachukwu.

Woman is by design the refining arm of society. She is ordained by her Creator to be a light bearer and the one who beautifies and makes her environment noble. Woman is equipped to lead because of the great gift bestowed on her by God. However, not many women know this gift and how to apply it in their daily lives. This inability to identify and utilize this special gift has put many women in positions where they have been abused and rejected. Unfortunately, the one who was designed to lead became the despised underdog. To reverse this situation and take back what rightfully belongs to all women; I am inviting you to sign up for the R.E.A.L PROGRAM. This program, which comes in five videos and my latest book: EMBRACING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, will change your narrative and return authority back to you. It will usher you into progressive leadership.

2021 has just started and you need to make the right choices that will change your life exponentially. Each day you push back the thought to do something differently, you miss an opportunity to change your narrative. Why not step up to the plate and hit the REGISTER link below!

Warmest regards,

Lady Jane Ndukwe

Founder, Genuine Womanhood Initiative (GWI)           

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