Someone told me recently, ‘Lady Jane, you know if a woman is not married she is not respected by the society.’ Another one said, ‘It doesn’t really matter who you marry; just marry.’ If you want to hold a powerful position, you’ll be expected to be married. If a middle aged woman goes to a function and is to be introduced, they will start by saying, ‘you are Mrs…. .’ Another woman told me some years ago that she was married to a man just to fulfill all righteousness but she still sees he old boyfriend, whom she was not allowed to marry.

As a people we glorify marriage and motherhood and have now made this the sole purpose of woman on earth. From when a female child is born, she is wished this by her parents: the son of so and so will marry you. Some go as far as accepting dowry for the baby thereby bequeathing her to a husband unknown to the child.     

A woman who gets up to thirty or thirty-five years old and not yet married sets tongues wagging. Pressure is mounted on her by her parents to marry any man as time is no longer on her side. Her mother begins to hear things like, ‘did you know that the daughter of so and so is now married…she was your daughter’s classmate, wasn’t she?’ By the time this daughter gets to forty and still not married, people begin to pity her and arrogate all kinds of reasons for her inability to find a husband. But wait a minute; is she the one to find a husband? The Bible tells us that ‘He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.’ This tells us that the man does the finding.

Parents drive their daughters towards men as if that was their main destiny. This unfortunate habit puts a limitation on the woman and life in general. Many girls run into marriages to avoid being victims to scorn and mockery for not being married. This has driven a good number of girls and women into homes where they are maltreated and abused. In order to escape from being married forcefully, some youths have begun the concept of free companionship and compassionate marriage. We have men and women living together and even having children without being formally married. We refer to this as Common-law marriage or non-ceremonial marriage. We also have the modern concepts of ‘friends with benefits’ and ‘Baby Mamas.’ All these concepts are not different from what they are running away from.

This false vocation of womanhood has turned woman into a ‘Mother-animal.’ You hear of cases where a woman is celebrated for having eight, nine, ten or more children. When she has one or two children, she’s encouraged to have more. No one bothers about the quality of life being given to these children or the wear and tear on the woman’s body.

It’s important to note at this point that to attain motherhood the earthly instinct is needed. This is where we talk about the feelings and urge for sex. Unfortunately, this has become a dominant factor. Some use this urge for sex as an excuse to lure women into bed by promising them marriage. The quest to have children has driven women and men into having sex repeatedly and at set periods with the hope that the woman will get pregnant. I’ve heard of cases where a girl is forced to have sex with an intended husband just to make sure she’s able to get pregnant before her marriage rites are carried out.

I want to paint a picture. Let us assume a nation is sold the idea of acquiring a secondary school certificate and told that is the highest thing they can ever obtain. They buy this idea and work hard to obtain this secondary school certificate and bask in the glory of having attained this. Unknown to them, other nations have acquired university degrees and some have gone as far as obtaining Masters and even PhD. Hold this picture in your mind’s eye. This action by the nation that glorifies the secondary school certificate is exactly what we do when we glorify marriage and motherhood because these belong to the animistic sphere known to some as the animal kingdom while human beings belong to the spiritual sphere, some say, we are spirit beings, which you and I know is higher than the animal. One interesting fact is that animals are better able to practice the true concept of motherhood more than the human mothers. Animals can readily face death for their young and fear no enemy unlike the human mothers. How many women will be willing to die in place of their children?

Now back to the question: Has every unmarried woman wasted her time on earth? My emphatic answer is NO! Woman’s most sacred vocation lies in the spiritual because we are first and foremost of the spirit. The only way the spirit can express itself is through the intuitive perception. It is therefore expedient that we refine and strengthen our ability to perceive intuitively. The woman who preserves herself and her values will stand like the radiant crown influencing everything with the pure impressions she receives from on High via her feminine intuitive perception.

Marriage and procreation exist only here on earth whereas womanhood exists in all Creation. Therefore, becoming a noble woman should be every woman’s focus and not just to become a wife and mother. You may quickly ask; does this mean that being a wife and mother are not noble? Of course they are if the these roles are entered into with the uttermost sincerity, purity of heart and the desire to become that woman God ordained you to be here on earth…the woman who forms, uplifts, beautifies, nurtures and inspires noble deeds.

Only when woman becomes truly conscious of her womanhood is she able to stand at the highest place spiritually. Her highest task on earth is to make noble her surroundings and become the bridge from the Light of God to humanity. She is the one to point the way by shining light in darkness. Her speech and actions must depict her nobility of spirit. Something that got me thinking and praying was the fact that the existence of genuine womanhood is all we need for our world to change. This places a huge responsibility on woman and the need for her to find her true self and walk in this knowledge. If we want a transformational change in our nation and world over, genuine womanhood must first arise and take her rightful position in the scheme of things.

Woman indeed holds the power to remodel everything on earth and in Creation as a whole. Lucifer knew this and that was why he directed his attacks and temptations towards womanhood knowing that if women fell, everyone else would fall. Just like when the engine of a car fails, the car ceases to move. This is why GENUINE WOMANHOOD must stand for all else to stand.

‘No nation and no people can flourish and prosper where the man is unable to look up to the woman in her womanliness. Only Genuine, purest womanhood can awaken and lead a man to great deeds! Nothing else! And that is the vocation of woman in Creation according to God’s Will!’ Watch and Pray, In The Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.


  1. She must first recognize that her highest goal in life is not marriage and motherhood but something more sublime.
  2. She must awaken and sharpen her intuition, which is her unique gift from her Creator for the special work she has come to do, which is to make noble her surroundings and become the bridge from God to humanity. She must become a light-bearer…the one who shines light in everything that is dark.
  3. She must recognize that man stands in creation facing outwards ready to battle. Woman shields his back maintaining a connection with the Light of God, which strengthens man. But when woman tries to stand in front, she hardens her delicate intuition and man becomes lost because the one to guide and shield has moved out of place. Just as when the wheel goes out of alignment, the car begins to vibrate uncontrollably. The saying, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman,’ is no empty saying or an insult to women but instead an honor to genuine womanhood. Even in remote regions, men pull themselves together when a woman comes near them. This tells you the power of a woman to bring change and this has nothing to do with being married or being a mother.
  4. Woman must recognize, for her to fulfill her God-willed task, vanity must not be found in her. Vanity is what causes a woman to dress in a manner that debases her. Vanity causes woman to compete with man, whereas this is not necessary. Only a woman who has not recognized the power she carries deep within her will waste her time and energy fighting and competing with man. Vanity is what will make a woman shun her womanly abilities to nurture and care for something hard, calculative and cold.

In concluding, I wish to state that Grace makes the woman because grace is the expression of a pure spirit. Marriage and motherhood are noble roles but in those roles, let genuine womanhood arise. For women who are yet to be married or have chosen not to marry, again, let genuine womanhood arise within you.

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