A home is an enjoyable and happy place where we live. It’s a place where you are loved, respected and cared for. There must be mutual respect in a home for it to be a loving home. Everyone respects one another; the children respect themselves and their parents. Also the parents respect the children.


  1. Live in love with your husband and children. Love unconditionally.
  2. Be tolerable. An Igbo adage says, ‘Enecha ahara.’
  3. Spice your day with delicious food and fun activities
  4. Spring up pleasant surprises. For example, bake and make ice cream with the family. You can also work out together. As a mother, sometimes I just surprise the whole family and tell them we are eating out today and you’ll see everyone so happy. We may not spend much money that day but we would have spent time together. So it’s fun and loving when you make your home a home indeed. These things bring bonding and togetherness. When your children or husband go out, they miss home and want to come back because it’s a loving place to be.
  5. Teach your children how to respect people, love God and have faith in Him.
  6. There’s no way everyone will please you all the time. Make room for their mistakes and even foolishness. Give people room to learn and make corrections. Don’t always be uptight.
  7. Be a supportive mother. Encourage your children and husband to be their best. Listen to them without being judgmental. Be playful. That way, your family will confide in you.
  8.  Have positive communication. Learn what causes the other person to be angry. Talk to one another. Deliberately open up discussions on areas that interest your children and husband. That way, they can participate in the discussion. This brings love and togetherness.
  9. Be flexible.
  10. Have special days and special meals.
  11. Respect your husband and treat him like a king. Serve his meal with love. Let your children see that you love their father and they will love you too.
  12. As a mother you try as much as possible to carry everyone along in decision making and in doing the house chores.
  13. Try to build trust in your home…trust your spouse and your children. Any home where there’s trust, that home will be bouncing in love. 

Written by: Barr. Dcns. Nnenna Anozie