Dear Partners,

Life has taught me that anything can happen at any time. That you have money today does not guarantee that you would have it tomorrow.  A person considered poor today may become an employer of labour tomorrow.

In every community you’ll always find those who have and those who don’t. Even in our school community the same scenario plays out. We have indigent students struggling to get an education despite their minimal and sometimes non-existent funds. They also dream of a better future. Some of these students go hungry just to pay for books, their school fees and other levies.

Something happened recently that brought tears to my eyes and a resolve to help students in dire need. My daughter was given her weekly feeding allowance and promised that the money for the school levies would be sent the next day to enable her to obtain her examination clearance. To my greatest surprise my daughter decided not to touch her feeding money and chose to save it to pay for the school levies the next day. This meant that she stayed hungry. Obtaining her examination clearance was of utmost importance. She did not want to take chances in case the money promised did not arrive on time. When I saw her the next day and asked if she had eaten, she said no and explained why. Tears rolled down my face as I gazed at her in amazement. I quickly bought her food and the money for the levies was given to her. My daughter’s experience became a wake-up call for me. She went without food for one day in order to preserve her feeding allowance and use this for her school levies. There are some other students who constantly have to go without food in order to pay for one thing or the other. 

You and I know the importance of education but we also know that when a person is hungry, it becomes difficult to concentrate and study becausefood gives us the required energy to work and stay alert. I have spoken to students whose parents don’t send them feeding money or any money at all. They are expected to work it out. Some resort to ignoble ways to make ends meet, while a good number of them resort to begging or finding menial jobs to help sustain themselves.

Some may ask what kind of parents would subject their children to untold hardship and condemn them. In as much as a good number of parents are to be blamed but there are also some who cannot help the situations they find themselves. A student once told me that relocating from the North to the East brought them financial distress because the father’s business had not picked up. Another student narrated how the mother’s shop was destroyed and her business came to a standstill. The stories are endless. Until you’ve suffered lack, you may not quite appreciate the sufferings of others.

Every genuine woman and mother would never wish to see her children starve because she is wired to nurture and care. This is why Genuine Womanhood Initiative launches her FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICE with the commencement of a FOOD CLUB FOR INDIGENT STUDENTS.

We are therefore calling on your support to make this a reality. With as little as N1000 each month,  we can provide food to struggling students. With your cash donations, we can buy food items to distribute to indigent students every last Friday of the month. This will go a long way in reducing their sufferings.

You can send your cash donations to our bank: FCMB 5396317016 –GENUINE WOMANHOOD INITIATIVE PATHWAY TO NATION BUILDING

For food donations, please call Jane on 08135125818 to arrange collection.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life. Remember that whatever you make happen for others, you indirectly do for yourself. When you feed people, you can never go hungry. Every student that benefits from this food club will one day help another person in need and who knows who that person might be. Let’s show love to one another and we will in turn receive love.

May you be richly rewarded for your contributions! Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Jane Ndukwe

Director, Genuine Womanhood Initiative