There’s so much talk and advocacy on stopping violence against women. This is commendable because it will bring enlightenment and change.

Just as soldiers go to war to save people, we have nurses who tend to the wounded. We at, GENUINE WOMANHOOD INITIATIVE PATHWAY TO NATION BUILDING (GWI) are the nurses who tend to the abused and broken. We help them restore their self esteem and confidence in order to find themselves again and truly live; aim high and attain lofty goals.

Unknown to us, there’s a hidden collaboration in Creation that takes place when each visionary keeps to his/her path without seeking to get unto the path of another. At the end of the day, change takes place and we would have all played our roles in making this happen. No role is insignificant in the attainment of progress.

We therefore register our support in the fight against violence to women, men and children!

Development and progress cannot happen on the soil of violence. We must learn to respect and value one another. No man can function in isolation, just as no woman can function alone. Men and women are complementary. We need each other to achieve balance and harmony in Creation.

Jane Ndukwe