Hi lovely people! Who’s up for some poetry? I know I am. It is important to note that poetry is one of the three genres of literature. The other two being: Drama and Prose.

Overtime, poetry has evolved. Back in the day, poems were expected to have definite rhyme schemes, but the reverse is the case in present times.

I now bring to you, ‘Imperfectly Perfect,’ by yours truly;

Imperfectly Perfect
I look to the mirror for answers
I look to the mirror for a run down of self
But all I see is a reflection of my flaws.

I run to my sheets to wipe down impending tears
The tears that form long lines on both sides of my cheeks
The salty tears that flow uncontrollably without warning.

I run back to the broken mirror
Searching for peace behind my flaws
But my flaws continue to stare back at me
As if trying to tell me something.

As I stare at the broken mirror
Salient questions arise within my soul
‘Why do you keep distrusting yourself?’
‘Why do you make your flaws the center piece of your life?’

Alas! I find my answer
Behind the broken mirror
I see a girl who is imperfectly perfect
Just like my broken mirror.

~Chimdindu K. Gee-Akwada