We live in a society that does not allow people to be real. The images we see on television and social media of successful people make it increasingly difficult to be real. Our world can now be described as fictitious; a make-believe. Based on this premise, Genuine Womanhood Initiative (GWI) carried out an opinion poll – Telling the Truth and Good Character: Are these still relevant in today’s society?
A cross section of youths gave their opinions as follows:

“The fact that everyone lies does not make telling the truth irrelevant. People deviate from the truth because of short term benefits.”… FX

“In the long term, people want to do business with honest people and honest organisations.”…NK

“If you don’t have principles guiding you, you will succumb to society’s pressure.”… UC

“People don’t like to be told the truth. But the truth will always remain the truth, no matter how you bend it or paint it. Sometimes, pressure and the type of business people engage in stop them from acknowledging the truth. All in all, people appreciate good character even though they may not show it.”…NN

“When you speak the truth, you’re often segregated. People will not want to bring you into their business. Nevertheless, speaking the truth will save you the trouble of being roped into wrong action. From experience, your bosses in the office want to hear the truth from you as it concerns projects or performance but when it comes to making a sale, they will leave you aside and select a person who can sugar coat their products or services even when they know there are deficiencies.”…GL

“Truth will always remain true even in the midst of falsity. We have a warped value system.”…KA

What is the way forward? Do we carry on the way we’re going or is there something we can do to salvage our nation?

“Let’s teach the younger ones the right ways to behave. Let’s develop their value system by incorporating right behaviour in the school syllabus.”…AO

“Let’s first work on ourselves and exhibit right behaviour from our homes.”…KA

“Teach people not to be influenced by what they see on television, social media and around them. Teach them to value reputation, fear the Lord and know their purpose on earth. Let them see that hard work pays instead of taking short cuts.”…FX

“Incorporate moral education in the school system.”…UC

“Since social media affects the psychology of the people; make positive input on social media.”…OE

“People often lie because of fear. Take away the fear; they won’t have any reason to tell lies. People are materialistic without thought of life after now. The quest to impress causes people to live false lives.”…GL

“We have a weak value system. People now equate success with money.”…NK

“We have many church schools teaching morals but to no avail, considering that the teachers don’t live by what they teach. Our lives are being controlled by social media; the tool the intellect uses for world domination. The people who matter to us now are strangers on social media we want to impress. Everyone is trying to be accepted. In seeking acceptance, you live your life for others and you’re no longer your true self.
Let us key into the power of our thought forms to reach people who are not living aright. Let us send them our good volition with the hope that those desiring change will connect to these and receive the help they need. Let youths know that there is life beyond social media. Teach them to develop their spiritual life. This is an uphill task but we must make the effort.”…AX

It is indeed an uphill task. We tell young people to be good but all they see are people cutting corners and stealing money to get rich. We talk about life after now but people only care about what happens in the present. We talk about getting qualitative education but we see those who dropped out of school gaining prominence. Yet, we want to do the right thing. Is there a way we can still be good and be wise so that people don’t take advantage of us?

“Everyone should know where he or she stands. Be true to yourself. Move at your pace. Don’t look at what someone else is doing. What works for one may not work for another. Wait for your time. Don’t be in a hurry to get there. If it’s meant for you; it will come to you. Maintain your lane.”…EN

“Gold won’t be gold if it doesn’t pass through the furnace. Use your experience to help others.”…OE

“Experience remains the best teacher. Listen to your conscience. Focus on changing you and it will filter down to others.”…AX

Let your conscience come alive and guide you to positive action. Make a firm resolve to be you and do you. It takes a lot of effort and guts to be real but it pays off in the end.

Written by:
Lady Jane Ndukwe