Hi lovely people! Welcome back to my blog! This blog post is dedicated to all the ladies who are unapologetically comfortable in their skin.

More often than not, society mounts pressure on women to meet up with certain body requirements. This pressure often propels most women to alter their appearance. Now, I’m not pushing the blame entirely to society, for there are still women who feel the need to alter their appearance to cover up a void they feel inside. But society is guilty of often, “body shaming” women. They are either, “too fat,” “too slim,” or even “shapeless.”

Body Positivity is a social movement that advocates the acceptance of all body types and sizes. Personally, I believe it is also about loving your body just the way it is, without apologies.

Love your freckles, love the extra fat around your thighs, love your gap teeth, love your body size; just love every seemingly imperfect thing about you. You are beautiful!
When you dwell on your ‘flaws,’ you tend to be less appreciative of your beautiful features. Be your own kind of beautiful, the world will adjust.